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Print QR Code that links to ordinances page on the temple card

It would be awesome if there were a QR code printed on the temple card that links to the person's temple ordinances page.

I have family members who print hundreds of cards and then share them with various other family members. Sometimes cards will get reprinted if it has been a while. I always fear that someone is going to duplicate work, so I like to check before I go, but it is difficult to enter each ID into the URL.

If there were a QR code somewhere on the card that takes me to a URL like, I could scan it with my phone and make sure the ordinance hasn't been done already.
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    The PID is printed along with the name on the ordinance card. That person's record can be brought up using the Find by ID feature that has been available for a long, long time in FamilySearch.

    Use Search... Family Tree... and Select Find by ID
    Family Tree... Find... and Select Find by ID.
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    • Using Find by Id, once the person comes up, you can just hover your mouse over their name and see if the ordinances are still available. Or you can click on their name and open the name card and then hover over each ordinance and she who has it reserved, etc. You don't even have to access the person's detail page or the ordinance page.

      I have been looking up dozens of ordinances every few weeks for a statistical project I'm working on. I use this method above and very rarely go directly to the ordinance page.
    • I have about 25+ cards in my temple briefcase. It would just be nice to be able to scan a code on my card with my phone as I'm about to leave the dressing room to do an ordinance to make sure the work hasn't been done yet.
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    The content of the ordinance cards are controlled by the temple department.

    I do not see any place on the card where the code could be printed. I would be very surprised to see this available in the future, but I could be wrong.

    A better system would be to use the current bar code, which identifies the person on the card, to access the ordinance page for that deceased individual.

    A station at the temple could be established so that patrons could scan their own cards to make sure the information was current.

    But to be honest, it is better to not print the card until you are ready to go to the temple. I now have no unprinted proxy ordinances in my temple list.

    When I and my wife want to go to the temple, I check to make sure the person's profile record is up to date and no duplicates are sitting out there. Then and only then will I print the proxy ordinance cards to take with us to the temple.
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    • Yeah, I tried scanning the current barcode - but I can't see how that number relates to the family search ID. If it did, I would try to write an app myself to scan that code and look up their ID.
    • The barcode works in recording the ordinance in the temple software. When you look at an ordinance in FamilySearch, it is looking at the temple software. Ordinance data isn't stored in FamilySearch.
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