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Printable View

I would really love to see some work done on making records more printable. The format right now is not very great, at the top I get the title of the record in huge blue type, followed by a great big empty space which says "Image is not available online" followed by links to "Search Collection" and "About this Collection" and then I finally get the transcript of the actual record (which is in very large type also).

It would be great if the format was something like this, starting at the top:

- a small FamilySearch logo (So it is a bit more official and you know where it came from)

- the record title (Ex: Sweden Baptisms, 1611-1920)

- and then the actual transcript of the record

- then maybe followed by a small brief paragraph of what the record and collection is

- finally if there is an image print it on a 2nd page, where are all there is, is the record title and image
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