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Problem with Description in Other Information on Family Tree.

I was checking another potential problem and ran into something that I found interesting, but also one that could cause a problem.

In "Other Information", there is a predefined "Fact" called "Description."

Once used, Description cannot be used a second time. While this might be appropriate in many cases, there are at least two or three instances where more than one description is needed.

The U.S. World War I draft cards (as well as the back of the World War II draft cards) have a place for describing the person. I grew up next to a WW I vet who had lost his arm. The physical description on his draft card will not indicate that he is missing his arm, but later in life, his description would indicated that. While this can be recorded in another area, people who encounter physically-altering life events will have a change in their description that takes place later in life, such as being confined to a wheel chair, loss of limbs, becoming paralyzed, and so on.

There needs to be the ability to enter subsequent descriptions. Most of us do change over time. When I got married, now over fifty years ago, I was slightly built. That is no longer the case.

I have a record of one distant relative who was frail and sickly most of her life, so much so, that her mother told her she should not get married. Later, in her journal, she said that yes, she was sickly and frail until she reached the age of about sixty years. She lived to be 102 years old.

I'm not sure that the single-use of description was intentional (I think it was), but the decision appears to have been made without considering situations like I have described, all from real life.

Please modify the setting for Description so it can be entered more than once on any given profile.

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  • The person where I found this issue was that of my grandmother, Jennie Rosalia Newman, KLFH-Q3W.

    Once the details page of her profile is open, click on +Add Information in the Other information section.

    Under Fact, the "Physical Description" is grayed out, which is because there is an existing Physical Description being used.

    Windows 7 Home Premium (all updates current), using Chrome.(updated to current version).
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