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Problem of multiple not completly matching results

Particularly with the collection - England Births and Christenings - it is possible to quite often find multiple records for the same event - quoting the ODM and EASy sytem origin codes (these deserve to be explained).
These multiple records have a range of data in agreement with some additional data items unique to some of the matching records - and of course with differing film numbers.

The differing film numbers - by exploring the FHL - usually arise from Parish Records, Bishops Transcripts and Transcribed Parish Records. It would be most helpful if such a description could be attached to the search results - or at least an automatic link between the search results and the FHL descriptions of the films.
It is a concern of course, that three such examples as mentioned above - which presumably all use the same original Parish Record come to have differing information.
If I were to fully verify these three sources by viewing the associated films at my local FHL - it is going to cost me 3 times the recently raised fee (very high in the UK) - which makes it most unlikely I will be able to look at all three films every time. So, a follow up question to this issue is - when are we likely to see images from these English/UK collections incorporated into FamilySearch?
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    A link from the web site that will explain what ODM is:

    Batch numbers are usually the way to identify a group of records that have been extracted. Most of these appear in EASy records, but sometimes as ODM. There are some good wiki articles on batch numbers.

    * Finding the source of IGI Batch #s
    * IGI Batch Number Descriptions
    * Batch
    * International Genealogical Index (IGI)
    *LDS Vital Records - table of batch #s related to deceased members file
    * And more...

    Found this link from going to "Browse by locations" on the home page:

    Hope this will be of some help.
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