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Promoting FamilySearch from my home page

I would like to promote FamilySearch from the site where I maintain my own family tree and collected research. I have a link from the main page of my site, but I would like to display an ad for FamilySearch that would appear on the top of 10% of the pages in an space that I reserve for promoting other genealogical services. I do not want payment for this, I just want to promote FamilySearch. Who do I contact to discuss this? For example I know that I cannot use the FamilySearch logo or any other intellectual property without permission.
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  • James, I would love to help you. Please send me an email at, and we can figure this out. I think this will be of interest to others who run blogs and websites as well.
    • Jim

      From your, response, and, e-mail address, it is quite apparent that you are part of the 'Personnel'/'Organisation' of "FamilySearch".

      Can you please append that fact onto your "Name" (User Name); so that, we 'lowly' Users/Patrons can easily distinguish whether those, both, posting; and/or, responding, in this Forum, are, either, part of the 'Personnel'/'Organisation' of "FamilySearch"; or, just 'lowly' Users/Patrons like ourselves.

      Please do not get me wrong, in your case is it quite apparent; but, in many other cases it is not.

      'Thank You' in advance.



      'Yes', I agree, this will be of interest to MANY others who run 'Blogs'; and/or, 'Web' sites, as well; but, it is not limited to those persons, also just in local "Newsletters" and "E-Mails" and the like - it would be great to be able to include not only a "Link" (which I am sure that most already do); but, also to be able to include the "FamilySearch" Logo; or, something very close to that.

      Please advise of the resultant outcome, through this post, to keep us advised.

      Again, 'Thank You' in advance.
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