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provide date showing when ordinance cards were printed

It would be very beneficial for us if FamilySearch would show the date my reserved ordinance cards were printed. Similar to how scrolling over the completed ordinances gray boxes shows the date completed, a similar function when scrolling over the dark green printed cards would be helpful.
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  • I’m frustrated with what has recently happened to FamilySearch
    You can see when an ordinance card is printed by opening the person's Temple Ordinances page.

    The two year limit is problematical because while FamilySearch can use a computer algorithm to determine if it has been two years since the patron performed the last ordinance or shared the name with the temple, the patrons have no such means to reveal that in the list itself, or sort the list from that date.

    It is something we have asked for, but I do not know if the request ever made it to the list of things to implement in FamilySearch.

    They seem to be spending more time messing around with the Help Center and Place Research appearances, than with actually implementing useful changes.
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