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Punctuation in catalog searches and limiting results to desired criteria

Category: FamilySearch Catalog
Title: Punctuation in catalog searches and limiting results to desired criteria
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(Also posted under problem case 3258251)
(This matter is primarily addressed to the software engineer(s) over the FamilySearch Beta Catalog)
Punctuation handling in the Classic FHL Catalog had some problems that might be resolved in the FamilySearch Catalog.
I advocate/promote the use of (appropriate) punctuation in catalog searches in Titles, Keywords, Authors and where ever they may appropriately appear in ways I shall hereafter begin to specify.
(1) Apostrophes
Apostrophes may legitimately appear (as punctuation) in a number of fields, Title fields, Author fields, & potentially other fields (as keywords).
Apostrophes may appropriately appear (as parts of natural human languages that use them) in Titles, Authors, other fields, especially if they are published in Non-English countries.
In the Classic FHL Catalog, apostrophes (and perhaps other punctuation) was removed from the search words, which made it so that words in record types and titles like Bishop's and Bishops' were all returned in the same search. While there are some possible advantages to this, there are certainly some disadvantages. One clear disadvantage is that there is was no way to get only the desired results in such examples (and excluding the undesired ones).
I have specific needs to be able to select (and exclude) works that are differentiated by such punctuation differences and ask for consideration (to software engineers) in enabling searches to exclude catalog entries that do not have such apostrophes in search-specified exact contexts.
(Perhaps there is a way to show search results of both for users who wish to see both exact and similar-looking results together in the same search.)
(2) Colons
Colons are often used in source titles or bibliographies as subtitle delimiters. It should also be noted that some works/titles have multiple subtitles.
It is also common in bibliographic protocols to use colons in publication data after the place of publication.
Sometimes, colons are used in title searches (by those who do not realize their use as subtitle delimiters) or in publication data (that do not realize their typical use in publication data). Some types of strategies/solutions might need to be considered for search strings in such cases.
In such searches, it may be beneficial to remove punctuation from the user-entered data and return appropriate results. This might also be true for other types of punctuation.
(Note also my previous message (with similar wording) indicating problems with colons included in title searches: Problem Case 3256040)
It is hoped that these suggestions may also result in additional comments from others who may encounter problems in FamilySearch catalog searches that concern punctuation.
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