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Question: How long usually elapses from time ORDINANCES, that have been SHARED WITH TEMPLE SYSTEM, is PRINTED by TEMPLE SYSTEM is COMPLETED?


I have only just recently started "Sharing with the Temple System".

For two (x2) of those individuals/persons that I have "Shared with the Temple System", they were only infants/young children, who only required "SP"; and, they were "Printed" and "Completed" by the "Temple System" in very quick time.

But, I have another two (x2) individuals/persons, one being an infant/young child, who only required "SP"; and, the other one being an adult whose Work is "Completed" except "SS"; whereas, they were "Printed" by the "Temple System" on the 9 and 10 of January (respectively) this year (2019); but, are still not "Completed".

How long usually elapses from the time an "Ordinance", that has been "Shared with the Temple System", is "Printed" by the "Temple System"; and, the Work is "Completed"?

Almost going on a Month now since the "Ordinances" were "Printed" by the "Temple System"; but, still not "Completed"!

Does "Printed" by the "Temple System" mean that the "Ordinance" Work is with a particular "Temple"?

Or, does "Printed" by the "Temple System" mean that the "Ordinance" Work is simply available for any "Temple" to take, if and when required?

As far as I am aware, in the past, when Work was "Shared with the Temple System" that Work was only/mainly available to the "Temple" of that particular User's/Patron's "Temple District"; but, from what I hear, of late, that that is not/no longer the case; as, all Work that is "Shared with the Temple System" now just goes into a single "Pool" of Work that can be "Picked-Up" by any "Temple", anywhere around the World.

Just curious.

'Thank You' in advance.

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  • I am not sure what applies any more as far as the amount of time that takes place between when a name is placed in the temple-shared pool and it is pulled for completing the ordinance(s).

    I no longer know if temple-shared names are still assigned by temple district of the contributor or if they go into a First-In, First-Out general pool of all temple-shared names.

    Ordinances Ready is another factor that now figures into the mix and that includes the time between when the temple system prints out ordinance(s) and when ordinance(s) printed are actually performed.

    I also believe that because names are not printed as needed, but in groups, and that because more and more patrons are bringing family names, that a "printed" name (printed by the temple, and not Ordinances Ready), it may be possible that a printed name may "sit" for an extended period of time. This is particularly true when a temple has printed ordinance(s) and undergoes a deep cleaning process which can include general maintenance.

    I also don't know if temples now "kick back into the pool" names that they've printed but close for maintenance/cleaning/repairs or not. I know that in the past, a name could become "stuck" in a state of limbo because of the way the system worked.

    The rewrite of the temple system should have resolved some of those issues, but I don't know if the rewrite has gotten that far. All I (we?) know is that Ordinances Ready is part of that rewrite.

    I wish I had some actual information, but that is something that only FamilySearch personnel familiar with the development of the rewrite can provide us. It may be possible that Joe Martel knows something about what the current status is. Ron Tanner is more likely the best candidate for letting us know where this rewrite is at. I haven't watched any of his Q&A sessions since the middle of last year.
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    • I agree that yes, the temple should "return" the uncompleted ordinances back to the temple-shared state. It think that should happen regardless of whether the temple is undergoing routine maintenance or is undergoing extensive work that sometimes results in having the temple rededicated.

      It is my understanding that this is an area that created the "stuck" situation in the past because of the way ordinances were handled with FamilySearch and by the temple(s).
    • Tom

      Mystery SOLVED!

      I should have know!

      Nothing to do with a (particular) "Temple" (or the "Temple System") printing the Cards!


      For some unknown reason today (well, not really - in relation to another post in the Forum), we used my Wife's account to check the two (2) individuals/persons in question.

      'Lo and behold', the "Ordinances", were, "Reserved"; and, "Printed", by other Users/Patrons (obviously, through "OrdinancesReady").

      The Work is still not "Completed", yet. One Expires on 7 April; and, the other Expires on 10 April; so, if they do not get the Work "Completed" - 'all things equal' - they should "Return" to their original state:

      (1) "Check Box" = "Selectable" (ie. No "Temple" Icon), and,
      (2) 'Red' "Ordinance" 'Box' (ie. Not "Brown").

      This is why I posted:

      Fault/Flaw: Ordinances RESERVED (not PRINTED) & TEMPLE SHARED; then, RESERVED+PRINTED thru OrdinancesReady by another, recorded against BOTH

      That many of the regular participants in the Forum did not like.

      And, this is also why proposed the new style "Images" for our "Temple" List for "Ordinances" TAKEN through "OrdinancesReady"

      Original "Reverver"

      "Reserver" through "OrdinancesReady"

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