Reasons for Dismissed hints are not collinear. Cleanup of layout and terminology consistency is really needed

There are a couple issue intermingled here all related to the Show Details link from the Research Help section of the main person page. Here are suggested corrections:

From the attached image, it can be seen that the reason statements on dismissed hints are not collinear. The reasons for the data problems are on the right, and the reasons for the record hints are on the left. In this example all 3 reasons are related.

Suggestion 1: This relationship between the reasons would be more apparent if all of the Reasons were in the same column.

Also some terminology issues. The "Dismissed Hints" tab implies that the other is "Undismissed Hints" or "Pending Hints". Obviously it is not "Total Hints" which would be the first assumption when seeing it (i.e., like the List view for people being watched and changes to people being watched). This should be less ambiguous.

Suggestion 2: Change the "Hints" tab to "Pending Hints" or equivalent.

Lastly, the Pending and Dismissed Hints lists show that "Data Problems", "Record Hints", and "Research Suggestions" are all nothing more than different types of HINTS. And yet, the main section housing all of these 3 different types of HINTS on the main person page is titled "Research Help" which, to me, implies that you go to that section when you want to get help on RESEARCH methods for that person. This makes it a bit ambiguous.

Suggestion 3: Change the ambiguous "Research Help" title on the main person page to something referring specifically to hints. E.g., "Hints" (or even "Research Hints" if necessary).

For the following suggestions compare the following image to the one attached above for consistency:

Suggestion 4: Fix the Description title location correctly over the related column where it belongs

Suggestion 5: Show the record hint icon in both the Pending Hints view and Dismissed Hints view in the same way. Also remove the duplicity of the icon--it appears that something is broken.

Suggestion 6: Show the Review and Attach links in both the Pending Hints view and Dismissed Hints view in the same way.
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