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I’m frustrated

Recommend changes for the new look

I don’t think the changes makes it “faster.” I was doing so well before the change as it was very easy to navigate and so forth. In fact, I was working on it and it changed right before my eyes. Everytime I opened a new source to attach, in the past, it would create a new tab, which makes it easy for me to shut it down once I am done and focus on the main person. But now I have to tell the button to put in a new tab when I click on the new source.

I know it will take time to get used to the change, but I do not think it actually speeds it up. When a window is open within a window, you’ll have to fight with the scrolling, which is frustrating.

I really liked seeing the sources up front without having to go to another tab...why can’t you guys use the “Other information” as a new tab instead of sources? Other information aren’t valuable with my time while working on this.

Fonts are hard to read....

It is very slow to make the changes needed such as a birth date.
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