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I’m thankful

Record Images Come & Go

As a seasoned user of I wish to praise the recent developments of both and I understand that records are presently being migrated from the to and obviously this is an enormous undertaking.

My problem has to do with viewing record images for example from the “England, Cheshire Parish Registers 1538-2000” When was originally launched images were available. These then disappeared but fortunately thanks to your excellent powerpoint presentation file: “Record Search_ 080226” I found a work around for this. The images were available at: ( I got the digital folder number, 00401870, using a search for eg “Martha Cookson born 1790 at Tarvin, Cheshire, England)and the image I required was #106.

This work-around no longer functions as you have clearly moved your database from Can you say when you expect to be able to make these and other Cheshire images available?

Finally I wish to reiterate my unstinting praise for the work done by LDS in making these records freely available and contributing more than any other organisation for the benefit of genealogy research.
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