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Refresh sections of the page via little refresh buttons

Add ability to refresh portions of a page without refreshing the whole page.

The page already works so that when it loads each section loads after the fact through Javascript (AJAX) calls. Why not add a little refresh icon on each section that does this (such as record hints), so that you don't have to refresh the whole page? That would reduce load on servers and speed up the UI for the user. There isn't a need for reloading the structure of the application, just the inner content. The app already does this automatically as well when you change content (like when you edit a name), so why not give the ability to refresh it to the user? That would be useful when content is edited on another browser tab, for example when you add more information via the Record Hint linker tool.
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  • I’m not sure this is the best approach to the problem
    My experience with implementing user interfaces for many years is a bunch of little refresh buttons hanging around tends to "junk up" an otherwise clean interface. Yes, it would save a little round-trip data population, but at a cost of a more confusing user interface for most people, who wouldn't understand when they might need to press the refresh button, and so you may inadvertently generate more load on the servers by people pressing the buttons "just in case."
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