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Restore the "save" allowing the saving of documents to users' computers.

Please restore the "save" feature to the records section. I use the Texas Death Certificates frequently but am no longer able to "save" the document to my computer. I can print it in hard copy but prefer to save the digital image. If I print it, I have a piece of paper. If I save it, I can place it on a piece of paper with added text, a picture, identification, etc.

A friend suggested that FamilySearch removed this option as it may be planning to start a paid membership. I hope this is not true.
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  • I am not sure why you do not have the save feature. I looked at a Texas death Certificate this morning and the save link is right next to the print in the upper right hand corner of the page - just above the image. You can also Right click on the image and one of the options is to save the image (at least in Firefox)

    I can assure you that FamilySearch is not going to start a paid membership. There are some records that are only available for viewing to a limited number of people because the original images do not belong to FamilySearch and the agreement with the owners limits who they can view these images.
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