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I’m thankful. What a powerful list this could be if it saved my organized lists at least until I return from a Temple outing.

Saving organized lists in Temple reservation area.

Reserving Ordinances I have a list and I have the ability to search and organize that one list. Great stuff! But may we also add the ability to save the organized lists i.e. by sex. Men do not perform ordinances for women and visa versa. May we not divide this one list of reserved ordinance names in the manner that we attend to these ordinances at the temple. For example, I never go attend for just one baptism. I go to do multiple baptisms and confirmations in one attendance trip. I also do multiple names in initiatories but when I do Endowments I may do one or two in a trip but hardly ever more than that even if I am attending to this work on a regular basis. Organizing and saving those organized lists in the manner that they are used, would be so useful and time saving for me as a user of FS and as a patron attending to this great work. Sealing ordinances follow these same attendance patterns. Thank you for your time reading my suggestion. Ray L Nelson
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