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Searchable notes section in Catalog

When searching for the records for a town often nearby smaller towns are included in the records of the larger town. These towns are listed in the notes section of the catalog. However if you search directly for one of these small towns, you get the message "no matching places". This can cause someone with a limited knowledge of the local geography to miss records.
Example: the town "Hohenstaufen" includes in the note section, the towns of Hohenrein, Lenglingen, Ottenbach and Geirenwald, Maitis, Hirsch-, Jacken-, Loch-, Maitis-, Sauren-, Schurrhof, Hohrein, Kitzen, Breitfelderhof. However if you search directly for any of these towns you will get the "no matching places" message.
This problem can be easily solved by programming the catalog to search the "notes" section.
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  • For many years, dating back long before the Family History Library web site morphed into FamilySearch, the "Keyword" search has done exactly what you are asking for. I'm afraid most people won't know what a keyword is, in the context of this site, so some thought might be given to de-mystifying it. I have always recommended the keyword search for exactly the problem you note, that more than one village may be included in a church parish, and not included in the place name index or the title of the item. This problem seems especially prevalent in Germany and Switzerland.

    However, there's another point to be made here. The particular church book microfilm notes you found include a list of prefixes of place names: Hirsch-, Jacken-, Loch-, Maitis-, Sauren-... From the punctuation, I gather these are not the complete names of the villages or hamlets in question, but I am unable to guess what the rest of the name should be, the part that should follow the hyphen! At least in some situations, I expect a keyword search would not identify entries from such a list. However, in this case, if you search on Hirsch-Hohenstaufen, the keyword search apparently breaks up the search string into two words, and returns any catalogue item that contains both words, so it really does find the church books of Hohenstaufen! But rather than depend on chance, I think it would be far better if the film notes themselves were modified so that the complete names of the villages, rather than just their prefixes, were included in the text.
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