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Searching temple ready from selected family members and print multiple name sets.

When performing a Search for Temple ready records to work on, my suggestion is to allow the search to include pre-selected family members who also have accounts. Example: my daughter has a few names that are ready, I can not print and take them to the temple. That leaves her sharing or printing and sending them to me. Yet with her permission to pull temple ready names from her list could it would make it easier to print to do the temple work. This would also make it simple to provide names to other family members so they can assist.

Another part of this extends to providing a means of printing names for my children or spouse to take to the temple. I would also suggest that the temple ready function be extended to allow printing of more than one set of names. Consider an all-day temple day, there may be more than one endowment or initiatory session that a name is needed for, similarly my daughter and her friends wanted a set for all to do baptisms. So cards both M and F are needed and possibly more than one set. I realize that if you manually walk down the reserved list, that eventually names can be found, an automated method would be good. So extending the Temple ready name printing function would be very useful.
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    At the present time, only Ordinances Ready searches for names and in the following order: (See

    * Your family names list (or "temple list" or "reservation list"). These are family names that you have reserved in Family Tree. They are on your family names list.
    * Your family names that you shared with the temple. These are names that you reserved in Family Tree and then shared with the temple. They are on your family names list. As long as a temple has not yet printed a shared name, the Ordinances Ready feature can unshare the name so you can print the card.
    * Names of people who are related to you that have been shared with the temple by someone else. These names are in your tree and were reserved by someone else and then shared by that other person with the temple.
    * "Green temples" from your tree. These are names that Ordinances Ready finds by scanning 10 generations of your ancestors and 5 generations of their descendants for incomplete ordinances. The ordinances have not yet been reserved by anyone. If you were to look in Family Tree, the name would have a green temple icon. Before giving you one of these ordinances, FamilySearch makes sure no possible duplicates exist for the record.
    * Names not related to you that have been shared with the temple. If no ordinances are available from other sources, Ordinances Ready will retrieve available ordinances that have been submitted to the temple by any patron. These ordinances from temple inventory will be provided in the same order they were submitted to the temple. You can perform ordinances for these individuals to whom you may or may not have a direct relationship.

    The system was set up to provide sufficient names for just one temple session, not visit. The specifications were, from what I understand, dictated by the Temple Department. There have been problems reported and so there was some modification to the names that are presented. Those with possible duplicates are no longer selected.

    All other means of finding and reserving names for ordinances remains the same.
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