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I’m frustrated

See living peoples names in whole family tree

I would like you to somehow allow the showing of living persons in the our whole family tree not just my personal part. Maybe just a name or something so that you can see YOUR family heritage. I understand some of the issues with all of the information but a name would at least let you see what your family tree evolves too! Otherwise why waste my time entering my family tree. Oh I know I can enter living people too that are on another tree BUT why have two or more pin numbers for the same person that at sometime upon death have to be combined. Seems like a major faux pas on the design of this program!
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  • Not showing living information about you or any living user/Person comes from legal requirements. This applies to showing relationships. So I can't see my sister's husband or her kids because I have no legal right to. Its similar to the health industry HIPAA laws.

    In the future there will be the ability to work on Shared projects or trees with common living Persons. It will be a opt-in, closed group type of model.  That can't happen until after newFS is decommissioned.
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