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Show thumbnails when browsing digitized records that are not indexed.

Browsing through digitized records on FamilySearch has a significant disadvantage compared to microfilms and books: You cannot flip or scroll through them to find the page/image you are searching for. This is especially true for the digital records that are not indexed.

For example, I am looking for ancestors with the last name "Dewitt" in "Ohio, Probate Records, 1789-1996" in Huron County. These records are not indexed and I realize it may be some time before they are. If I was looking through these images in the original record book, I would flip through the book until I found the pages that were formatted like an index, then look through the index for the name I wanted, then turn to the page it referred to. A similar, though slightly slower, process would be performed on microfilm, as I scroll through the images at high speed, watching for changes in the image format. Of course, the digital image is easier for me to access than the book or the microfilm because of my geographic location. However, on FamilySearch, I must click through the pages one at a time to find the surname I am looking for. This takes a long time, as the high-resolution images have to load individually each time.

I have an idea that would make this process easier on the computer: what if low-resolution thumbnail images were visible on these types of files before you click to load the whole image? Then changes in the formatting of the images would be visible and it would be easier to find the section I am looking for. This would definitely speed up my research.
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