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I’m Frustrated

So disappointed in Family Tree Maker

I used to love Family Tree Maker. Since I have had to upgrade, I now cannot access anything. I am so disappointed in this product. It it not user friendly at all. I cannot stand what is needed to upgrade this product either. I keep clicking on the upgrade and I receive nothing. What a nightmare this product has become.
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    Family Tree Maker (FTM) is not made by FamilySearch. FTM is made by MacKiev a different company. There are user groups on Facebook for FTM the MacKiev company also has a contact link on their website where you can leave feedback as well.
    • FTM has gone through several owners and while it has enjoyed wide popularity over the years (thanks to including numerous databases of data), the owner previous to MacKiev was Ancestry and they had integrated the product with their site.

      When the sold FTM to MacKiev, they removed the integration, so at this point and in my opinion, FTM is an overpriced family tree management program.

      It is now completely divorced of all major sites, including FamilySearch (where it never was fully certified and presently, the only thing that it can do is search the historical records) and Ancestry.

      Any complaints need to be addressed with the present owners as Virginia wrote.
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