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Somethings should be left as they were

The new website is not as easy to find things. Having links at the bottom of the page is not user friendly. They need to up at the top like they were before and with the drop down menu available so you don't have to click to click again.

I don't think the new search for place is as user friendly to a beginner as the old way at all. Again here I don't like having to click one and then another vs going right to where I want to go.
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  • Thanks for making this suggestion. Our engineers and designers look at our patron suggestions and work to implement those that they can. The greater the support for an idea, the more attention it will receive, but not every idea can be implemented quickly and some ideas may not be incorporated at all.

    We hope you will continue to suggest ways we might improve our products so that we can make them the best we can.

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