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JUST SO YOU KNOW I AM CLOSE TO 50 YEARS OF AGE NOT THAT THAT SHOULD MATER! THIS MY ACCOUNT NOT MY PARENTS!! AND On Every Pedigree Chart I Have Filled Out My Name Is The One That Is IN THE FIRST LINE -- UNTIL NOW !!!!! It has always been my understanding that when I started MY! Family History I! Was Responsible and HELD Accountable for MY! Genealogy So With That Being Said and IF That IS True ( AND I KNOW IT IS) then do you not think that I SHOULD BE IN THE FIRST POSITION !! I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON OUT HERE THAT FEELS THIS WAY, I HAVE HEARD MANY OTHER - SINGLE NEVER BEEN MARRED - PEOPLE FEEL THE SAME WAY! and Just So You Know The People I Have Shared My Frustration With ALSO THINK IT IS UNFAIR !!!!! I HOPE YOU SEE YOUR WAY CLEAR TO CHANGE THIS!
Thank You for you time.
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  • Mam, just so you know, I am over 72 and I don't understand what this paragraph means. I assume the caps means you are shouting.
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  • Audrey, I believe the engineers want to keep everyone happy. The truth of the matter is that the people who are satisfied are slow to say so while the unsatified people tend to be loud.

    In the past, I believe there were complaints coming from single people saying that when they were in the primary position, the screen was being wasted with a bunch of empty space where a spouse could fit in. Apparently these complaints were pretty loud, and the programmers responded and changed to the current view in order to "please" the unmarried patrons. Of course, now that those patrons are pleased with the view, all the patrons who preferred the old view are now going to be the vocal ones. These poor programmers cannot please everyone at this time. I would imagine that in the future they could possibly come up with an option that would let the individual patrons choose whether they or their parents are in the primary position. However, for the time being, I would think they are still working on some larger issues that require more immediate attention.

    In the meantime, I think it is possible to get yourself into the primary position. I tried this for my single children, so I think it works. Go to your detail screen. At the top of your screen in the gray section that includes your name, birth date, and PID, you'll also see a link titled "View Tree". If you click there, it will place you into the primary position. From that tree view, you do have a print option in the upper left hand corner so you can print a pedigree with yourself in the primary position.

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    • Heather your procedure works for you and it will work for anyone else looking at the single person's record. But they themselves cannot move their view so they are in the primary position. I think it must have to do with them being identified as single and the system will not let them move to the primary position. You are absolutely correct, when the system was the other way, many people screamed that they did not want to see the "add spouse" every time they signed in so a change was made. Now there are those who feel slighted because their parents sit in the primary position. The old adage about not being able to "please all of the people all of the time" sure seems in play with this change.

      someone suggested adding a fake spouse - maybe that will fix the pedigree. it could only be seen by the person adding but it might solve the issue.
    • Heather, I want to thank you for looking past the caps and hearing me, I am still very frustrated with the fact that as a single person I can not move myself in the first position, and I still feel that it should not have been changed! you know the old adage that you should not fix what is not broken. Should have applied here.

      I have also been thing about what you said about they(the engineers) have more important things to work on than to re-fix this problem. what about the children and teenagers who will be signing on to do there work. all excited to get started only to find out that there parents are in the first position and they are not! and can't be in the first position. How long do you think the excitement for them is going to last? I don't think for long especially the teenagers. I hope they will consider moving this issue closer to the head of the pile instead to the end of it. Because I think there are going to be a lot more people besides us older singles who will feel the same -- the children, pre teens, teenager, young adults, excreta, excreta, excreta.
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  • I’m frustrated
    I agree with the original comment. I received the most recent e-mail from FamilySearch about updates to Family Tree where it states that if you are unmarried on "your" pedigree view your parents will be in the primary spot and you will be in the child position--so this change is intentional. I too found this to be insulting. I feel like I've been "demoted".

    I understand that others were finding it problematic not to see more of their tree when signing in but they at least had the opportunity to shift the tree as they saw fit. I don't have that option. I wish they would either change it back or put the choice in the user preferences because I prefer "my" tree to start with my name, not my parents.
    • Great point, Lesley! The win-win solution you describe would be the best. That's one thing I love about programming: you can make it conditional so you can accommodate multiple users' preferences.
    • Another possibility would be if the programmers would create a way to eliminate the "add spouse" area, together with the blank pedigree. Then the pedigree screens would be filled with the parents' pedigrees but the user would still be the primary person. This fixation on a spouse for every person should be modified, and should be changeable for such persons as died in childhood or at birth.
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