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1920 census.It shows a Earl Weaver.His name is David Earl Weaver.Birth was1915 in Springfield,Ma.In the same 1920 census,is Doris.Her name is Elizabeth Dorothy Weaver.Birth 1907,Hartford,Ct.In the same 1920 census is Louis Weaver.His name is Llewellyn M.Weaver.He was a twin to Louise M.Weaver.Birth 29 May 1913 Hartford,Ct.Llewellyn passed on 26 Apr 1951 and Louise passed on 17 Oct 1970 Htfd,Ct.
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  • I’m wondering
    Anthony, you do not say why you are sad or what you believe is a problem.

    There is no way to roll back the clock and stand over the enumerator to ensure he or she enters what you believe to be correct names / spellings.

    The enumeration questions did not ask for exact birth dates, and certainly could not predict a date of death.

    If you write a narrative to share with interested family members, or post a tree on the internet you can certainly include what you believe or have evidence for. I am sure interested parties will be glad to know what you have to say.
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