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I’m frustrated

Stop timing-out the webpage

The timing out of the webpage and having to reload is the PITS. I'm an old lady, and it takes at least three tries to remember that stupid password! Why must this be password-ed? there is no $$ involved. I really liked the pilot. Yea!
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  • Hi Nance,

    We have found that if you are having this problem, most often the problem is Internet Explorer 8. The solution is to have you uninstall Internet Explorer 8. Most likely you will roll back to Internet Explorer 6. Then you can upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 and then to Internet Explorer 8. The problem seems to occur when someone upgrades directly from Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 8. Are you going to to log in.

    If you IE 7or 8 you can "Create Shortcut" by clicking on the right side of your mouse and then see a small window pop up to see and click on "Create Shortcut" and it will go to your desktop. This may be of help.

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