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Suggest a repository of documents pertaining to Slave Owners and Slaves movements

Some of my progenitors were slave owners. In several probate records, I have found the names of slaves who were given to various family members. By following the movements of those family members to whom they were willed, one could conceivably track the people who were enslaved. I want to suggest that genealogists who are interested could send copies of wills and other transactions that involved ownership of slaves to a repository where others who are searching might find their family members. Since those records are likely to need indexing perhaps there could be a way to submit a primary copy of the record along with a transcription to initiate its's acceptance to the repository. Also, once it is known that individuals inherited a slave, there could be a track to check as data is added to the slaveholder's history that might affect the slave, such as moves to another state or acquisition of new property for homesteading. So, theoretically, when my relative moves several states away I can assume he arrives with the slaves named in his father's will, and I make the move a possible connection for others searching for their relatives who were born in a different state. As I research the family and their movements I keep in mind there may be others who are also looking for their family who are connected to ours by slavery. If I identify information that may be useful pertaining to those enslaved individuals, I have a drop-box for it that leads the researcher right to the will, the tax document, or whatever else names their possible family member. Is it possible to make this happen?
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