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I’m very sad, frustrated, Confused, Pissed, and any other words you can Think of.

Temple Names Submission (Share Network Idea) Choose The Temple your Names go to.

I love the Temple Share Network Feature, but here is a great idea to improve it. I wished they would let People choose where they can have the work done. Yes, you will have to put caps, on the number of names accepted for each ordinance, It would make it fair for all temples. It also will help with the Back log on Names. also if you put caps on how names can be accepted for each ordinance, it would help get more names to the smaller temples. Which has been a Complaint from others.

Church Leaders have had many talks in Conference about Temple work , I ponder what the Church is doing to Increase the names to them Fairly to each temple , Many People have Complained and have Say their Ideas, I wished the Church would Pray Hard on how to get them their Fairly and Evenly so Names get done a Lot faster.

Their needs to be a better way for temples to get more names that need them and a way for temples to give names to other temples who need them. I don't know the Process of how this is done, but it needs improvement because Smaller Temples and others are not getting Enough names for Ordinances, while Other Temples have too many and are over Load with names.
Another Suggestion I have suggested, is make all names by default go to the Temple Share Network, and teach people how to change them over if they want to do the work, by them selves but I know that will not fly with the church, that would really get names, faster to the temples.
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