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I’m happy.

'Thank You' for new feature on 'Home' / 'Landing' page added to "Recommended Tasks" being the 'Selection Bar' of "All / Records / Temple".

'Thank You' so much for the new feature on the 'Home' / 'Landing' page / screen added to the "Recommended Tasks" being the 'Selection Bar' of "All / Records / Temple" allowing the User / Patron the option to view ALL tasks; or, only 'Record' [ ie, "Source" ( "Hint" ) ] tasks; or, only 'Temple' ( ie. "Opportunities" ) tasks.


I had added a additional comment about a suggested option to "... turn "On" and "Off" the "Main Categories" ( ie. currently, "Temple Opportunities-Green"; "Temple Opportunities-Green"; and, "Record Hint" ) individually as we see fit; or, at least the ability for us to change the order in which they appear in our list ..." to a recent post regarding the ... "Delete names from the Recommended Task list when the issues have been addressed" ...


This new feature seems to address my suggestion in the aforementioned post.

Again, 'Thank You'.