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I’m very happy

Thank you for sharing ordinances across the board ( any temple ) - matched with ordinance ready

I've had some ordinances shared for several years - ever since the option was offered. Now that they can be done at any temple, I am getting notifications regularly that the work is getting done. I had stopped reserving ordinances in the past, and now feel confident that those I do the research for, will have their work done in a more timely manner.

With the addition of ordinance ready, I enjoy doing the research and compiling of trees to get ordinances ready to go. When I see there is a relationship, I reserve and share with the temple. This way I know that what others receive through ordinance ready has been vetted.

The combination of ordinance ready and sharing across multiple temple districts is a real boon.

Of course, as expected, most of the ordinances getting completed quickly are B, C, I, or SP, SS. The E's will take the most time to be completed - that's a given. I'd been aware that this change was coming - and it warms my heart to see results of this recent change.

Thank you.