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I’m so happy.

'Thank You'. Great Work. New TEMPLE Category in USER MESSAGING, works like charm, for ORDINANCES you RESERVE; and, that have been COMPLETED


'Thank You'.

Great Work.

The New "Temple" Category in "User Messaging" of "FamilySearch", works like charm, for "Ordinances" that you have "Reserved"; and, that have been "Completed".

Our youngest Child experienced her FIRST "Temple" Visit with a Youth "Temple" Trip early this evening.

Our youngest not only had "Ordinance" Cards, of her own, obtained through "OrdinancesReady", they also had a number of "Ordinance" Cards from myself and my Wife.

Only a few Minutes ago, my Wife and I, received "Messages" in the New "Temple" Category in "User Messaging" of "FamilySearch" of the "Ordinance" Work that was only just been "Completed" - this is so FANTASTIC.

( It was unfortunate that the Youth were restricted to only x10 each; and, as such, our youngest did not get the opportunity to do the "Ordinance" Cards that were in her name. ).

( The good thing was that there was so much Work "Completed" by the Youth; that, the Youth could not get their "Ordinance" Cards back this evening; as, there was not enough Clerical "Temple" Workers to process the Cards this evening - we will have to go back to the "Temple" to retrieve the Cards before they are destroyed. )

What a 'Blessing'.

What great work on your part.

Now ...

I am certain that it is already 'in the pipeline' / 'in the works' / 'a work in progress'; but, it would also be such a GREAT 'Blessing' if we were notified in the same manner as above, for "Ordinance" Work that was "Completed" for those individuals / persons that we "Share with the Temple System".

Keep up the great work.

Once, again, 'THANK YOU', 'Thank You', 'thank you'.



a 'lowly' Member from "Down Under".