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Thanks to the Trusted Respondents!!

I've been following this forum for a few years now and have learned a lot from those who post responses. This is the second report on "Trusted Respondents," the previous report can be found here:

Many names may be found on the both lists, Amy Archibald is again the leader, BUT has even increased her rating!! Two "new" members have quickly become favorites in less than a year - David Newton & Jeff Wiseman. Three FS employees are still in the top 25, Ron Tanner, Robert Kehrer & Joe Martel.

An arbitrary minimum requirement of 300 replies was used in these 'ratings.' Below are the group's favorite STARRED posters, by percent of replies receiving a star. With near 20,000 total forum members, my apologies to those I may have inadvertently missed, it was NOT an in depth research study. (I think I may have missed this year's #2 Juli - or she became very active this year.)

Thanks to all of those who are willing to share their time, talent and knowledge in helping & serving others in the search for records "Worthy of all Acceptation."
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