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The Improvisation of “Read Only”s

How about the Family Search Team omits “Read only” ancestors and allows the public to merge these read onlys so that there will be no more duplicates. The Family search Team should be in charge of which ancestor should get “Read Only” and not those that have no or little information about that ancestor so there will be no more confusion on this subject.
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  • Welcome to the community support forum for FamilySearch. FamilySearch personnel read every discussion thread and may or may not respond as their time permits. We patrons, having various levels of knowledge and experience do our best to help each other with concerns, issues. and/or questions.

    With few exceptions, the deceased persons who are locked as Read Only are done so for a reason.

    If you have a relative of yours that is locked that you believe should not be locked, you can request that it be unlocked by posted the PID either in this forum or by opening a case and requesting it in that manner.
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    • Plus, a lot of that work has been done, yet people still want to do it again because THEY want to do the ordinance (I've seen in the backend someone re-doing Joseph and Hyrum Smith's ordinances)
    • When the temple reservation/ordinance section is reworked ("within the year" according to Ron Tanner), I would not be surprised to see something similar to, "It appears that the person you are attempting has duplicates. Until those duplicates are resolved, you cannot reserve ordinances for this person."

      I am hoping that kind of thing can be put into place. As it is, one has to provide significant vital information about the person before a reservation can be started.
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