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The Mysteriously Hidden and Difficult Source Arrows

When we go to arrange sources in chronological or whatever order, the mechanism for moving a source up or down in the list is very nonstandard and it's enough to give a person a migraine.

See attached screen shot fig 1. The arrows are showing for the 1942 source. These arrows are INVISIBLE unless we happen to wave our cursor over them. WHY???

I was trying to move the 2000 source down. I clicked on the down arrow and it moved down, but the arrows stayed where they were. The natural thing is to click on the down arrow again, but that produces the incorrect action; it moves the 2000 source back up!

The standard way to do this is used in for instance any Windows window, adjusting the field order. See fig 2, how to get there, and fig. 3 the standard mechanism. You select an item at the left, then punch the Move Up or Move Down buttons as many times as you want. The buttons do not move around or disappear. I suggest you find a Windows machine and try it. It is amazingly satifactual to use, promotes good digestion and there's much less swearing in the office or home environment.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3
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