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I’m resigned and disappointed

The Library Catalog will Never Be The Same? That's A Shame

Ok--- for the Library Catalog the Nov 9 release described this: "You’ll notice when you do a place search in the catalog that the system now lets you choose a specific place from a list of known places in the catalog. This lets you easily narrow your search to just those items that apply to a specific place."

I think this is the beta answer to the missing "view related places" feature many users have reported lacking in beta Library Catalog. Fine -- except for missing places!!

Hopefully you can follow this test result and explain data that is not available in beta that is available in the present Library Catalog.

In both Library Catalog and beta Library Catalog I entered Franklin, Ohio.

In Library Catalog I can use "view related places" and I see 18 places related to Franklin Co Ohio and I can select one of them to see what is available specifically for that "related place."

In beta Library Catalog (after entering Franklin, Ohio) I see a drop down menu that gives me a choice of 9 places in Franklin Co Ohio. WHERE ARE THE OTHER 9 RELATED PLACES? Figuring out the NEW WAY took quite a bit of time (because it's not user friendly and intuitive) and it still didn't show the complete picture for related places.

I am finally resigned to a fact that seems apparent to me now. We are NOT going to ever have the same wonderful tool called Library Catalog. Its going to be someone's idea of how we should do our research differently and with more difficulty and frustration.
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