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The Mayland Family

My english is not so well. But I have a correction about 2:1260WJO (caseID:2446134)
Her name is not Andrea, but AMALIE., borned 25. August 1822 in Snesere, Hammer herred, Præstø sogn.
Her father was Johan Meyer Meyland, borned about 1781, Næstved, Præstø amt
her mother was Eva Marie Ramlev, borned about 1780, Nyråd, Vordingborg, Præstø amt.
I hope my contact is correct.

Best regards Lisbeth Mayland, Denmark
  • lb (Official Rep) February 10, 2012 16:12
    Your post is good information for anyone searching for these people. Thanks for posting it.

    Here is a statement published regarding errors in index information in FamilySearch records. "The FamilySearch system does not currently allow a user to make corrections or annotations on a record. Nor does it provide a way for a user to submit these errors so that someone internally can make the correction.

    "This user need, however, is well understood and a significant amount of time is being invested in mapping out a system that would allow user corrections/annotation to a record. We cannot yet announce a date when such a feature will be available, but it is on the roadmaps and drawing boards."

    Our advice is to keep this corrected information, and check FamilySearch periodically for news that the ability to make these changes/annotations has been implemented. Then you can put the correct information into the collection.

    My Danish isn't as good as your English. I hope you can understand what I have written to you.
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