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I’m looking for more ideas
Cullen Brimhall (Help and Support Product Manager) December 13, 2010 20:40

Things to know about the new changes to this site

This "Feedback and Community Support" site has changed and is now an "Ideas from the Community to improve FamilySearch" site.

Here's what has changed:

* The option to post a question or problem has been removed. The purpose of the site is no longer to receive support and get answers to questions/problems, but is specifically for sharing your ideas on how can be improved.

* To post a question or problem, click on the Community link in the upper left corner of this page

then click "Contact us" on the upper right side of the page.

here you can choose to either call us or submit your question/problem online to us.

* The questions/problems that have been posted to-date are no longer findable by searching for them. However if you have the URL you can still get to them directly.

* You may continue to receive notifications in your e-mail about questions/problems that you posted here. Using the URL in those notifications you will still be able to get to those directly and continue to work with others who also have the URL to the same posts.

We hope you will continue to share your ideas with us!