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I’m feeling blessed

This is what we need to become what we are meant to be!

FamilySearch/Tree is becoming, I feel sure, precisely what we need as families and individuals to become what The Lord intended us to become when He commanded us to do family history. Recognition of each separate child of God as one individual, accountability for what we contribute (and I've already made MANY blunders), and especially the opportunity (even somewhat forced opportunity...) to work together as families is what we need!
But this praise brings up a question. I was only a child when family genealogy organizations began, or were part of family reunions, and I still remember the rancor and animosity almost all produced. When I add that to the specific intent of this program to prevent duplication of submissions, I come up with the need for a page--or at least a window--where I can communicate with those who are working on my lines about who is doing what BEFORE contributions, deletions, edits are made. Knowing who else is researching an individual BEFORE they (or I) submit the data would be enormously helpful.
How do you want patrons to deal with that reality?