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To limit suggestions of places according to time

As you can see in the image, if I try to add Edinburgh into FT it suggest me 4 versions of the same place in different years:

I think that that is confusing. I mean, the program should read that I have entered "14 April 1980" and restrict the suggestion to "Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom" because it is the only existent at this moment.

Don't you think?
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  • Most of us would agree with you - however it's a fact that a major percentage of multiple names for a single place don't have date ranges associated with them yet, and until they do, it's almost certainly not worth writing any code to filter the names by date.

    There is also the point that the lack of date filtering allows us the flexibility to, ahem, ignore the suggestions. If I happen not to like the "Victorian" concoction of "Edinburghshire", then I can use a "Midlothian" version instead.
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