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Displaying ordinances has to be more efficient

I see you have time and resources to make a lot of cosmetic changes to NFS. So why can't you fix some of the very serious problems confronting users? For example, it takes up to 30 minutes to load my Temple Ordinances, and soon I have to reboot my PC because NFS has drained the memory. A patron does not need to open thousands of submitted files, just to go click on the just-submitted ones for reassignment to Temple File.

Also, a large family of deceased names may require up to 200 clicks and several minutes to submit. Why can't we submit to the Temple File as soon as the names are keyed in, the way NFS originally did?

And why can't we just interface our gedcoms with the NFS database, to compare them, and THEN submit the names more rapidly? Because it has taken me TWO AND A HALF YEARS to re-key in and submit the same number of names I used to submit in one hour via Temple ready.

I hope these ideas get passed on to someone who can consider doing something about these problems, so patrons do not have to spend all day doing a few minutes' work. Thank you.
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  • Joseph, you are a dedicated man, but please let me make a few suggestions that might help you. First, only submit one idea at a time, so other patrons can comment individually on your ideas. You can submit multiple ideas, just do so separately.
    As for your question about GEDCOM's, I suggest you look into the Synchronization feature of RootsMagic, Ancestral Quest, Family Insight or Legacy. Synchronization is by far the best way (far better than GEDCOM's and far better than re-keying) for transferring information from your home computer to nFS, and you can also transfer info from nFS to your home computer via Synchronization. Synchronization allows you to selectively transfer data--that is by far the best way.
    If the number of individuals you have in your Temple Ordinances list is very, very large, you might want to consider assigning some to the temple or unreserving them so other patrons can do their ancestors' ordinances. I keep enough names in my Temple Ordinances list for 6-9 months of work. You are free to do as you desire, but please consider these alternatives if you have a very, very large reserved list.
    You are obviously very dedicated in your genealogical work, Joseph. I hope this response is helpful to you. It is meant in a positive vein.
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