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Towards returning unique results on catalog searches [call nos., etc.]

Category: FamilySearch Catalog
Title: Towards returning unique results on catalog searches [call nos., etc.]
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(Also noted under problem case no. 3256160)
(This matter is primarily addressed to the software engineer(s) over the FamilySearch Beta Catalog)
I am requesting consideration for search strategy adjustments in the FS Catalog (to be accomplished by software re-coding), specifically for the purpose of limiting to unique returns for call number searches (when desired by the user)[or, alternate ideas that may more effectively supply the need].
For example, entering: 942 A3r [with no characters following]
currently returns several works that contain that those letters and number in the call number, but also may contain more letters thereafter. While this can be useful, even desirable for the intentions of the user (at times), (however) it can also be contrary to the intent or purposes of the user.
It would be nice to have the catalog be able to respond in either way, or both ways. One way to do this would be to list the exact result(s) first (and so indicate), and the extended results (those that contain the specified characters PLUS more) and to also display that condition. Right now, the results displaying the Title and Author are displayed, but the actual call numbers are not apparent until after one clicks on the title. It would be nice to be able to (1) see the call numbers at the time of return, and/or (2) have some means of restricting call numbers to the desired unique set, or (3) allow by some means additional call numbers. Although these desires might be attainable through the use of wildcards (when one wants multiple results), or perhaps a space following the last letter desired of a call number (for restricting to the exact call number), a more user-friendly solution might be to display search results in priority order, first, the exact results, thereafter the extended form results, perhaps displaying the actual call number for each with the Title and Author.
Discussions with catalogers and consultants, possibly as well as users on this and similar subjects might result in improved and more desirable results.
(This submitter's related suggestions might follow regarding searches with punctuation as well.)
Thank you!
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