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Untagged memories are lost when a person dies?

Please develop and add a feature that saves a person's memories that are not 'tagged' when they died and their Family Tree is changed to deceased. I am a Riverton Family Search Library missionary and Sis. Joani Gust, a former Riverton missionary/trainer, came into our library today (Saturday, 14 Jan, 2017) and said that a member neighbor who recently passed away had spent years entering memories photos, audio, etc. Sis. Gust helped the family of her neighbor to change her Family Tree, that she was deceased. When they finished this, all of the deceased memories that were not 'tagged' disappeared. Most members do not know this, that their attached to themselves, family members and distant cousins that were not tagged will disappear as soon as their Family Tree record is changed to deceased. Tragic! I have been a member for 40 years and have currently over 75 pages in my gallery and most have not been tagged. I was not told this in the 40 years that I have been working on my family tree, etc. I am 74 years old and will now spend what time I have left tagging all my gallery memories!!! Please can you design a program that all this work for 40 years will not be lost when I died?
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