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I’m very Frustrated.

US Iowa- Grand Army of the Republic (Civil War) Membership Cards 1861- 1865

I was have trouble Indexing this Project, for many reasons on certain Images, this is because not all of them are their in the examples. Who Ever numbered this it should be higher. their is some after going over it their is many other data that could be included not as Required, but their if on the card.

it would be great if People were to Put this information also: Wives, Father, Mother,
THeir kids, their Occupation, any other Relatives that is listed, the Date they Enlisted and the Date the Dis- Charged. those things also would be great on top of what you have already.

I wish you also would go through make sure to look at all the different types of images, so people know what to do with all of them this would help every body.

Another isssue I have found is the Months are in 2 example JA would be January. their could be many other things that need to be reviewed, so please re-look at it and make some changes to help all.
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