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Useful Enhancements for the To-Do List

For simple research projects and also keeping track of where I was from session to session, I find the To-Do list on the home landing page is very useful. Also, in verifying changes in my watch list, I frequently jump around the tree resulting in several partially completed actities to track. The To-Do list is really useful for this too.

I would like to see the enhancements to this list to make it even more useful. For example:

1) Provide the ability to rearrange the list to To-Do items so that they can be categorized and/or prioritized.

2) The ability to add FS ID numbers from the tree to the text in the To-Do items so that a simple click could take you directly to that person you are working on would add convenience.

3) When editing a previously existing item, make the editing window larger than just 3 to 5 words. Scrolling back and forth through the field with a long text content with arrow keys is a total nuisance.

4) Allow the huge space of pictures to the left of the list to be reduced so that more useful space can be added for To-Do activity details.
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