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Deleting an album? Instructions for use?
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  • Does deleting an album sound scary?

    When you delete an album, no photos are deleted.

    Right now, the album must be empty before it can be deleted. So to delete an album, go to that album and remove every photo from it for now (we are thinking the photos really should be removed by the system, you shouldn't have to do it, but for now you do). To remove a photo from the album, while you are in the album and the photos are displayed, mouse over the photos and you will see an X in a circle appear in the lower right corner of the frame. Click the X to remove the photo from the album. The photo itself is not deleted, it's still there on the "All Photos" page and in any other albums you may have put it in. It is only removed from the one album you are in.

    Once you have removed all the photos from the album, you can delete the album. It will disappear from your album lists and is gone.

    We still need to provide a way to edit the album title and description. Right now you cannot change them once they are created, and deleting the album and starting over is the only way to change the title and description.
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