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Visit Partner Site link does not go to "partner" site and produces a 404 error with the link.

In this case, the problem is with Illinois records, Specifically, Coles County, Illinois, births, marriages, deaths, 1831-1929; indexes, 1878-1929. The digitized films are available, and on the catalog page -- they are fine.

However, when I search for a person, in this case Edward Wamsley,and restricting the results by film 1301520, the search results provide this icon , which indicates the image is on a partner site. Clicking on the camera icon, I get this popup: which points to ( / 004031800/004031800_00026.jpg with spaces intentional to display full link in this forum), which is not a partner site (by the way, this is the same problem that exists in the Ireland thread at, but in that case, we really do need to go to the partner site) but a page in FamilySearch that goes to a 404 (Page Not Found) error.

Two things: the search results produces an incorrect camera icon indicator for the images, and the digitized images are available (to me, at least, and at home - I don't have a non-member account to see if they are the same or limited to members or at a FHC).

These "Visit Partner Site" links are broken, at least for these records as well as the Irish records.
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  • I was able to open the film 1301520 from home with both a public account and an LDS account. I also didn't get that icon popping up. As far as the camera icon being wrong at the bottom of the page is an errors button click on it and submit a report. The errors button is only for fixing catalog page issues not records issues. The cataloging team will fix the icon.
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  • A similar issue I've seen is with the Holland America Line records held by the Stadsarchief Rotterdam. On FS there is a LDS-only restriction, with non-LDS directed to the website of the Stadsarchief (City Archive in English). But the images are not online there . See which explains that while the records were digitized (I saw a 2009 article saying that FS had done the digitization), the digitized films were only available in the archive itself. Only now are they making the images and index online.

    Furthermore, every other Netherlands record that I have used on FS is unrestricted- Dutch archives are required to make their records freely accessible and cannot profit from their records. I suspect the restriction is a mistake, and a few days ago I filed an error report through the catalog.
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  • Phil, the wrong icon and link shows up as a result of the search, on the search results page. There is nothing wrong with the Catalog page, as far as I can tell.

    Here are the steps to get to the search results:

    From the Catalog page, click on the "Here" in the search the index:

    My relative is Edward Summerfield Wamsley, so I entered Edward and Wamsley, and then, because I knew the film number, I entered it under Restrict Records by Film Number:

    The search results came up with Edward's record and at the far end, the bad camera icon and link was presented:

    As the other icons indicate, the record has already been attached to my relative, but what I'm saying is that the results of the search is similar to what I got in the Irish records -- a link to a different site that was bad.

    In this case, the icon and link are both bad, as the digitized images are available.
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    • Tom thanks that was helpful. I was able to duplicate it. I'll create a bug report.
    • This may be a problem with Illinois marriages. I've run into two more for a different person, also married in Illinois.
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