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I’m anxious

Please Provide the "View Related Places" feature in the Beta Catalog

Go to Delaware Co NY on the Pre Beta Library Catalog. At the top of the page that shows all of the topics available you see "View Related Places". This is a very valuable feature and used greatly by genealogists. Sometimes we don't know the town or village in the county and this gives us a list so we can see what is specific to that location to order. Taking it away, as in the Beta Catalog, is not very productive, matter of fact it is going backwards.
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  • Patj,

    Thanks for using the site and for providing feedback. We are currently exploring some future designs that will provide the related places/see also functionality in the beta product.

    Please keep using the product and letting us know what features are needed and how you would use them. It is very helpful.

    • Thanks for replying. I take it that the "View Related Places" will be in place soon.

      In answer to what features are needed --- everything as it is in the current It is so useful and user friendly and this is why genealogists are anxious when half of the features there are not in the "beta".

      I appreciate the effort you are all making but I wonder why you have to go thru it when is just fine as is. Just add "record search pilot", wikis, and forums and you would have a fantastic website.
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