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What's so hard about the name "Riffelmacher"?

I was checking the 1905 NYC census. On page 4 of 21 on the right side bottom, 1905 Kings, Brooklyn, Census, AD 21, ED 24, my Great Grandfather and several member of his family are listed. The proper name is "Riffelmacher" and I understand it was hard to read. That is not the way it transcribed but I hope it can be corrected. The other thing I noticed is that the names have not been transcribed properly because the census taker listed the last name, then the "Middle Initial" and then the first name so the listings all start with the middle initial. I hope this can also be corrected. Example. My GGrandfather's name is John C. Riffelmacher, but is being shown as C. John Riffelmacher. Then my attention was drawn to the way the rest of the names were listed on this page and possibly the rest of the census. Hopefully it is not too late to get these records corrected.

Please let me know what I might be able to do to help. I didn't look through all the pages but there are evidently only 21 pages in this 1905 census so it should be easy to check out. It would seem to me that this would seem odd to someone if they were checking it to notice that all these people's names probably don't start with an initial, but I know that indexing is very hard. I don't mean to sound critical, but hope this can be corrected. I was really excited to see this census. Thank you for you help. Darlene Hubbard. I can be emailed at
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    We are not making changes to the existing data during the pilot (engineering and design) stage of Record Search, however, a feature is being engineered that will accept corrections / additions to the searchable index. When that feature is in place, both the original index and the correction to the index will be searchable, thus preserving the ability to view original indexes and images as well as providing a means to accept corrections and/or additions.
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