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I’m frustrated

where are church records

the browse only mexican church record books are no longer available, why i got more information from those records then any of the rest. are they going to let us use them again or not.
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  • Hilda

    "We are moving to unite all of our Historical Records onto one FamilySearch web site. As part of this process, we have now published all of the collections formerly found on Record Search pilot onto the FamilySearch beta test site at http:// .

    As collections are uploaded to the beta site, they are being removed from Record Search. We expect that the Record Search site will be completely closed within four months. An announcement about closure will be posted on the Record Search site.

    Enhancements to the search engine on Beta will continue in the future but no further enhancements will be made to Record Search. If you have enhancement requests or comments about the beta site, please leave comments in the Feedback section there, rather than in Record Search.

    Some of Collection indexes/images that have been temporarily removed from Record Search may be because of contractual agreements with the owners of the original documents. This means that a user authentication (registration/login) process may be required through a partner website to get the images.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience of not being able to view these records. You can be assured that they will become available in the near future or you can order the film to a family history center near you and view the document there.

    Thank you again for your comments. If you experience any other problems, please contact us again."
    • Patricia, I don't think you understand the situation entirely. Images of the original Catholic church records that were available for browsing on the old site have been removed. Some of them are available on the new site but not all of them, and it is not because of contractual agreements because you will find that the exact same parish church has some images available for viewing on the new site but not others (from the exact same church). The question is - is this a temporary glitch that Family Search is aware of, or is it something that we researchers need to keep bringing up to make you aware of it. Thanks for you help. I do appreciate having the ability to browse these ancient records without traveling all around Mexico.
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