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WHY is "FamilySearch" on it "Own Account" going ahead ( 1 & 2 August 2018 ) and REMOVING ( ie. "Deleting" ) "Alternate Names"?

"Official 'FamilySearch' Representatives

WHY is "FamilySearch" on it "Own Account" going ahead ( 1 & 2 August 2018 ) and REMOVING ( ie. "Deleting" ) "Alternate Names"?

Just before retiring, as I tend now to do regularly, I checked my " CHANGES TO PEOPLE I'M WATCHING" List; and, was ASTONISHED to see that; so far ( between 1 & 2 August 2018 - while I was working in the "System" ), Eighteen (18) of the individuals / persons, that I have been extensively working on over the years, have JUST had "Alternate Names" REMOVED ( ie. "Deleted" ), not by another User / Patron like myself; but, by "FamilySearch" itself!!!???

WHAT is the meaning of this!?

On what basis / grounds did "FamilySearch" decide as to what "Alternate Name" should be REMOVED ( ie. "Deleted" ) and what should remain!?

Are the "Alternate Names" that were REMOVED ( ie. "Deleted" ) "Solely" those added to the individual / person by the "System" when "Temple Ordinance" Work was performed!?

If NOT the aforementioned; then, WHAT!?

I would appreciate an IMMEDIATE response to this post from a "Official 'FamilySearch' Representative".

'Thank You'.

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    Oh dear, I just realized this is another example of the "computer losing outside sources in a merge" computer bug. I will have to restore and when I do I may see the "computer makes duplicate discussions on separate pages that are linked so that you can edit one and the computer makes identical edits on the other" computer bug (in the link provided above).
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