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I’m suprised you found a way to make Beta worse

Why are searches for individuals no longer an option on entry page?

Apparantly the new Beta entry page only accepts a search for LAST name (or place, etc.) and that lead me to a worthless page of links to communities or trees.with zero options that were useful.
The TREE LOGO still is NOT identified as a search link, but I finally used it to search. I repeat, Please identify the search link.
Please reinstate the option to search for an individual on the 1st page. Or don't put any search blanks to fill in on the entry page, just a list of search options.
Thank you for putting the world map from Labs onto Beta to to help researchers find indexed materials around the world quickly.. Although the one on original FamilySearch works equally well and uses less space.
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  • Anne,

    Well, we are glad you like the familysearch website. It is our hope to have the beta site far better in user ease than Pilot or FS. Beta is set up for collections. These are record groups from a specific area of the world and a particular kind of record. If you click on the collection, the search boxes appear for easy searching; only within the area and time period of the collection and the specific type of record extracted. You can do searches by surname to see if any records with that surname appear in the collection. Collections are being added weekly and some are indexes only, some are browse only images and some have the indexes and the images. The first page search is not a option with this program.

    When you go to the collection there is a "Learn More" link that will explain the record, any known problems, what information you will find and how to read the record. This will be helpful to you.

    The tree logo at the top left is used as a "home" key put no explanation is given as such on the home page. I will notify our engineers of this explanation that is really needed. But by going to the community tab at top bar to the left, you can go back to the start, also.

    The font has been made larger in the Beta website. This enlarges the pages on the screen and adds to more scrolling. So many of our patrons wanted this feature and so we are getting input concerning it. Thanks for your feelings of disapproval.

    The beta site will become our primary site in the future, So, this is an ongoing project and we ask that you keep going back to the beta site to observe and use the enhancements that occur at least monthly. Please continue to contact us with your findings, questions, comments and suggestions. We really appreciate them.
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