I’m VERY frustrated!!

Feedly won't install properly in Safari 5.0.6?!

I've tried everything I can to get this to work and it won't. I've gone into Safari preferences and made sure Extensions is enabled. I've checked "Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar" in Preferences as well.

When I download and then click on the item, it gives me the option to install, which I have done. The Feedly "icon" button is showing up on my browser window AND when I click on Extensions in Safari Preferences I see the Feedly Extension there (yes, the box that says enable Feedly is checked).

Yet, when I click on the Feedly icon on my browser, it goes to the Feedly installation page. It's like it hasn't even been installed?!

HELP?! I've messed with this for about an hour now and I give up. :(
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