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Feedly's broken in Firefox Nightlies now.

Hello. I use Firefox nightly (v14a1 right now). Usually it's perfect, but since maybe Monday of this week Feedly no longer works. I thought you'd want to know you're broken on the leading edge of Firefox development. ;-)

Feedly says it's "syncing feedly v 9.1.424" for maybe 15 seconds before it gives up and reports this error:

Technical Error Code: 010-services_not_started--fail--LOADED----feedly_9.1.424_firefox

There's nothing in the error console except two complaints about the markup or css on your "offline.html" page: "unknown property -moz-border-radius" and an actual red error, "The character encoding of this document is not declared." Those are after-the-fact epiphenomena, I'd say.

Other hints:

* After reinstalling Feedly, there's no Feedly icon anywhere (including in the icons available for toolbars)

* I don't see minifeedly anywhere.

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